Why This Office?

I serve the citizens of this parish every day through my law practice.  However, I feel called to do more; to serve my community at a higher level.  I care deeply about this parish and state, and I worry about our future.  No one is clueless as to the problems we face, and I was taught you cannot fix the problem by sitting on the sidelines.  There is no better opportunity to facilitate the growth of this parish and state than to be a representative. If we all get involved, we can truly make a difference.


Why Now?

If not now, when?  When are you going to have enough of doing things the way they have always been done and not getting different results?  Louisiana is at a crossroads.  We must start making changes today if we want to be here tomorrow.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Louisiana always being last.  We need to build this state up!  Highlight our natural resources and tenacious people!  Stop placating to special interest groups and get this state back on track and moving forward.  There is no more time to waste.  Now is the time to act! Won't you join me!

Called to Do More


I'd love to hear from you


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