Why Vote for Ivy Graham?

I am a business owner  

I have owned my own business since 2009 and know what it means to struggle with payroll, increased overhead, employees, growth management, taxes, increased regulations and losing everything in the Great Flood.  I also know why it's important to take calculated risks, the rewards of a job well done and the joy of being able to provide services to my friends, family and community.  These real-life experiences and problem-solving skills are sorely needed in the legislature.  


I am an attorney

My practice focuses on family law and allows me to advocate for the needs of others.  I know what it is to negotiate a deal that is what my Client wants rather than what I want.  I have also seen the horrendous effects of poorly written laws and how much they cost everyday citizens.  I believe my knowledge and experience as an attorney will be an asset in the legislature to correct existing issues and avoid future blunders.


I am the only woman republican candidate

There are plenty of people claiming we need more women in government.  I cannot say if this is a true need.  I can say we need people in government who love this country, believe in its principles that the American dream is possible for anyone willing to work for it, and who want to see it thrive rather than given away.  I want to see Livingston thrive.  I want to see Louisiana thrive. I’m willing to make the tough decisions that are necessary to help turn this state around.  

I offer the citizens of District 71 the same services I offer my Clients.  (1) the truth - even though that is not always what people want to hear.  (2) guidance towards options for Livingston - sometimes solutions take more time than expected. (3) pursuit of resources and legislation to benefit Livingston Parish and this State – not pursuing my own agenda.  A true Representative.

The Top Issues

Tax& Spending Reform
Tax& Spending Reform
Legal Reform
Infrastructure & Growth


I'd love to hear from you


P.O. BOX 1083 | Denham Springs, La 70727